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Rachel Carson Trail

Maine Hiker's Journal

Season 2 (2014) 

Chapter 11: Rachel Carson Trail


According to the official website of the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge in southern Maine, “Nearly 100,000 visitors use the one-mile Carson Trail at the Wells headquarters [each year].” Given the natural beauty, ease of access, and ease of walking the trail, this comes as no surprise to me. And yet, despite its popularity, the trail never seem to be crowded, perhaps because the somewhat limited parking keeps the number of people on the trail manageable. As the trail is short, the facilities are excellent, and the trail is easy to walk, you do not need any hiking gear to walk this little gem; just the desire to talk a quiet stroll in the beautiful Maine woods on a trail with great views of the saltwater marshes and the Atlantic Ocean. If you are so inclined, bring a camera or a pair of binoculars to record or enhance the experience. With plenty of benches and many special viewing areas, you will find much to see and appreciate on the Carson Trail. [Check out the photos in the slideshow below of the views of and from this beautiful Maine trail. To move from one slide to the next, just click the directional arrow on the side of the picture.]

June was a busy month of hiking for me, beginning with a pre-planned trip to mecca, otherwise known as Baxter State Park, for another fantastic hike on the AT, the Appalachian Trail. My goal on this trip was to experience the first, and easiest, part of the final leg of the AT, the Hunt Trail, which ends some 5.5 very strenuous miles from the trailhead on Baxter Peak, the summit of Mount Katahdin. In keeping with my plan to develop my capabilities one step at a time, I intended to walk the first mile or so of the trail to Katahdin Stream Falls, and, if I felt like I could do more, to climb as far as I could on the Hunt Trail for the remainder of my allotted two hours before turning around and retracing my steps to the trailhead. I invite you to walk with me as I experience another AT adventure in the next chapter of Maine Hiker’s Journal —Katahdin Stream Falls.

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