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Peary Mountain

Maine Hiker's Journal

Season 3 (2015) 

Chapter 17: Peary Mountain

The next major hike that my niece, Katie, and I took was to the mesa-like summit of Peary Mountain (elevation 958 feet) in Brownfield, Maine in early August. Peary Mountain was reputed to be an easy climb, with only a short, steep section at the end, that rewarded a hiker with 360 degree views from the wide, flat summit, consisting of two peaks connected by a ridge.

Peary Mountain did not disappoint. The view from the western summit included Mount Kearsarge and Mount Washington. The ridge trail led through woods inhabited by a herd of deer to an equally spectacular view of Pleasant Mountain, one of my favorite hiking destinations, from the western peak.  On this beautiful day, Katie and I lounged at each of these twin summits for some time, taking in the panoramic views and thinking about how fortunate we were to be able to hike in the beautiful Maine woods. Needless to say, we left eager for more.

We would get our wish during a family vacation in Acadia National Park in beautiful fall weather in late September.

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