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An Acadian Classic

Maine Hiker's Journal

Season 3 (2015) 

Chapter 18: An Acadian Classic Revisited


In Chapter 5, I described an amazing ridge walk I made in July of my first hiking season—An Acadian Adventure. On that day, I climbed to the top of Cadillac Mountain (elevation = 1,528 feet; elevation gain from trailhead on Route 3 = 1,378 feet), along the Cadillac South Ridge Trail, and after a short, but glorious stay at the top descended to the park road via the Cadillac North Ridge Trail to pick up a free island shuttle bus back to my car, having hiked a total distance of 5.7 miles.

On a beautiful early fall day, on a family vacation in Acadia National Park, my niece, Katie, her father, Ed, and I walked the Cadillac South Ridge Trail to the Featherbed, a beautiful mountain pond at the 2 mile mark of this 3.2 mile trail. On this day, on the ledge above the Featherbed, I watched as Ed and Katie continued on toward the summit of Cadillac Mountain. I returned to the trailhead, and drove to the summit to pick them up. When I arrived, I could tell by their expressions that they were happy campers. Who wouldn’t be after summiting the highest peak in Acadia via the longest trail in Acadia.

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