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Welcome to MindFire Press, a site for lifelong learners, and to my blog, which you can access by clicking here: Blog.

The products offered by MindFire Press include articles, books, courses, reports, seminars, and services for doctoral students, managers, and other lifelong learners.

MindFire Press books focus on a variety of important topics, such as leadership and change in the modern era, the practical application of statistics to decision making, collaborative meeting management, and the pursuit of a doctoral degree.


Leadership and Change in the 21st Century contains theoretical and practical insights that every modern leader needs to know to tackle the important problems faced by individuals, groups, organizations, nations, and the global community in the 21st century.

Practical Statistics is a book for people who want to learn basic statistics for work, school, research, or the sheer enjoyment of gaining new knowledge. Application and decision-oriented, this book will facilitate anyone's introduction to the fascinating and powerful tools of statistical analysis. A director for an environmental laboratory says, "I recently purchased your book, Practical Statistics, and shared it with my peers . . . . (We) found (it) to be delightfully readable, entertaining, and educational."

Breakthrough Business Meetings is "one of the most theoretically sound yet totally practical books on meetings and group managment that I have ever read," says Professor Edgar Schein of the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Student to Scholar: The Guide for Doctoral Students is a must for any doctoral student who wants to get the most out of the time, money, and effort invested in a doctoral program. One doctoral student said, "I gained more from reading this book than I did from spending an entire week at a doctoral residency at my previous university (which cost me over $2000!)."                                                  

Dissertation Research: An Integrative Approach contains practical information about what a doctoral student has to do at each step of the dissertation research process, and why, as well as specific examples of how to do it. As one doctoral student said, "Dr. Levasseur developed his approach with a seemingly record-setting completion of his own Ph.D., and perfected it in his roles as mentor, committee member, and committee chair for many dozens of doctoral students. This superb book captures the perfected process in a way that will help any student maximize his or her return on this important academic investment."

Each of these MindFire Press books, written for the thoughtful reader, seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice by embracing both and striking a balance between them.

NEW!!! Miracles Do Happen: A Story of Medical and Spiritual Survival is the true story of Anne Gable Allaire, who, despite incredible odds against her, survived both a heart transplant in 1997 and a subsequent stem cell transplant in 1998 to treat a rare disease—amyloidosis—that threatened her life. In 2011, she had another serious setback and beat the odds again.

As many who have read it say, and as is often the case when truth proves to be more amazing than fiction, Miracles Do Happen is a real page-turner. It chronicles the many incredible events, which Bill and Anne call God Moments, that enabled this story of faith and courage in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds to have a happy ending.

MindFire Press reports deal with topics of interest to a variety of lifelong learners. They include the following:

Finding a Dissertation Topic

Leading Breakthrough Meetings

MindFire Press seminars provide essential knowledge in an area, build skills at applying important concepts and tools to real world problems, and deepen participants' understanding by enhancing their mental models. These seminars focus respectively on change management, meeting management, management decision making, and modern leadership.

Change Management

Leading Collaborative Meetings

Management Decision Making

Modern Leadership

MindFire Press services include organizational services and individual services.
Organizational services focus on modern leadership and organizational change, collaborative meeting management, high performance team development, leadership development, and management decision making methods, models, and tools.

Individual services
consist of executive coaching and doctoral student mentoring.

For an 
annotated listing of all of the MindFire Press products, which include articles, books, courses, reports, seminars, and services, go the Resources area. Alternatively, use the links to these resources listed in the right hand column within each major area of the site (i.e., the Doctoral Student Center for doctoral students, the Leadership Center for managers, the Lifelong Learning Center for other lifelong learners, and the Maine Hiker's Journal for lovers of the outdoors) to go directly to the ones that interest you the most.

We at MindFire Press sincerely hope that you, as a lifelong learner, will visit this site and my Blog often and benefit from their content.

Robert E. Levasseur, Ph.D. (Dr. L)



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